ZPBA has a platform for information exchange amongst professionals & business, for enriching and respectful discussions, and for contributing towards policy dialogue. Plans are to host at least four meetings annually. You can use it to make a presentation

Sponsor an event or award on the ZPBA platform: The event can be a seminar, a lecture, a public debate. It can be company branded or in honour of a your outstanding product or personality etc. It can be a motivational tool, use it to recognise excellence

ZPBA can be a platform where ideas are tried, tested, incubated and come to life. ZPBA promotes a culture of research freedom conducted within the laws of Zimbabwe. Individuals can seek their funding and conduct their research on ZPBA platform. ZPBA can conduct studies/ research in the interest of its members, results of which members are free to adapt to their specific situation. ZPBA offers incubation patform if you have an idea you want to try out

ZPBA can provide services as requested by their membership- we are open for suggestions