Membership to the association is open to all Zimbabwean professionals and corporates actively involved with or interested in any activity involving scientific plant breeding in Zimbabwe based locally or abroad following application to and approval by the Executive Committee. Members should accept terms and conditions of the association and pay up subscriptions. The categories and annual membership fees are as follows:

Ordinary membership                     

Student membership                      

Retired membership                          

Corporate membership                   






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The fees can be paid quarterly or half-yearly but this will attract an extra $5.00 charge.

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  • Voting rights
  • Networking opportunities, facilitating collaborations/ consortiums.
  • Timely communication via various Association platforms especially for events, opportunities be it job vacancies, mentoring/internships, scholarships, collaborations etc
  • Engagement in matters of interest through working groups
  • Learn new techniques/ latest technologies/ advances in breeding from experts at reasonable costs
  • Professional and personal growth opportunities
  • A professional voice to influence the public and decision makers
  • Discounted rates for events/ facilities
  • Traceable independent reference
  • Sense of pride in the profession

For more or terms and conditions, refer to our Constitution and Code of Ethics