ZPBA is governed by an elected Executive Committee, which derives its powers from the membership and functions through an appointed Secretariat.


The founding committee members who started working in August 2015 were:

NYAKANDA Patience N – a breeder by profession, having graduated with a BSc. Agriculture (hons.) in Crop Science from University of Zimbabwe and an MPhil. in Plant breeding and Crop Improvement from the universities of Birmingham and Reading, UK.

MASVODZA Rudo, Doreen – a plant breeder with leanings towards genetic conservation. She has experience in both practical crop breeding and lecturing.

MUUNGANI Dean– an experienced plant breeder and a holder of a Masters in Business Administration (University of Zimbabwe), a Masters in Plant Breeding & Seed Systems (University of Zambia) and a BSc Honours degree in Agriculture (Crop Science) (University of Zimbabwe).

SHAVA Justify– a practicing plant breeder and a holder of a BSc Agriculture (Crop Science), MSc Crop Science (Plant Breeding) and MBA – all from the University of Zimbabwe


ZPBA Coordinator-: Mrs Patience N Nyakanda (zimplantbreedersassociation@gmail.com)



Dean Muungani, Currently employed as Seed Co Head of Product Development. A holder of a Masters in Business Administration obtained from the University of Zimbabwe in 2013, a Masters in Plant Breeding & Seed Systems obtained from the University of Zambia in 2010 and a BSc Honours degree in Agriculture (Crop Science) obtained from the University of Zimbabwe in 2003. Started my career as a Maize Breeder with the Crop Breeding Institute in 2003, before joining Agriseeds in 2007 as a Maize Breeder and later as Head of Research. Joined Seed Co as a Senior Maize Breeder in 2014 and later appointed Head of Stapleford Research Centre in 2015 and finally Head of Product Development in 2016.


Dr. Cosmos Magorokosho 

Currently working at CIMMYT Zimbabwe as a Maize Breeder, Country Representative for CIMMYT as well as Project Leader for Stress Tolerant Maize for Africa (STMA) Project. A holder of a PhD in Plant Breeding from Texas A&M University, a Masters in Plant Breeding obtained from the University of Zimbabwe and a BSc Honours degree in Agriculture (Crop Science) also obtained from the University of Zimbabwe. I started my career as Technical Assistant in the Maize breeding program at CIMMYT Zimbabwe in 1991, moved on take on various roles in an Agriculture Relief and Development program with World Vision International in Angola between 1997 and 2002, and reverted to maize research with CIMMYT as a Maize Breeder since 2005.


Ms. Laura Karadzandima


Mrs Tambudzai Chikutuma, a Seed Technologist in charge of Plant Breeders Rights and Registration of Seed Companies with Seed Services Institute of DR&SS. She has an MBA (NUST, Zimbabwe), BSc Agriculture Management (ZOU, Zimbabwe), a Diploma in Agriculture and a Certificate in Project Management (UZ). Tambudzayi has more than 17 years of experience in the seed sector.


Dr. Xavier Mhike (PhD), a plant breeder by training being a holder of BSc Agric Honours ( UZ) ;  PGD Ed (UZ) MSc Plant Breeding & Genetics (UNZA) ; PhD Plant Breeding & Biotechnology (MUK). He is currently an ESCA Research Scientist (maize breeding) with DuPont Pioneer. Dr Mhike has Hands on Plant Breeding experience spurning for close to two decades with CBI ;  CIMMYT ; Seed Co ; EASEED Kenya and currently DuPont. To date he has released 6 hybrids in East and Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Kenya , Uganda and Tanzania). Outside maize breeding, he enjoys playing Tennis and Golf


Mrs. Mercy Hodza


Dr. Joseph Nyika Mushonga, born in Marondera Zimbabwe, he did his degree studies in the USA and is a plant breeder holding a PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding. He is currently a deputy director with Community Technology Development Trust- an NGO in Zimbabwe. Previously he was with the government’s Department of Research and Services where he started as a sorghum and millet breeder, then became Head of Crop Breeding Institute rising to be the Deputy Director of the Department. Dr Mushonga released 2 sorghum, 1 pearl millet and 2 finger millet and has more than 35 publications. He has participated in various committees and boards including those of SADC sorghum and millet Improvement Program, Africa Region of Community Biodiversity Development Conservation Programme (CBDC), International Crop Research for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), SADC Regional Plant Genetic Resource Centre, Tobacco Research Board and Nyadire Farm of the United Methodist church. He enjoys watching soccer.  


Dr. Shorai Dari, graduated with a PhD in Plant Breeding (University of Free State, South Africa) in 2012 and currently is a senior lecturer with the Dept. of Crop Science, University of Zimbabwe. She has 12 years lecturing experience. Shorai is passionate about human resource development and enjoys reading or listening to personal development material.


Dr. Lewis Machida


Mr Justify Shava, a plant breeding professional currently the Head of the SADC Plant Genetic Resource Centre based in Zambia. Previously he was a tobacco breeder with the Tobacco Research Board based at Kutsaga Research Station. He developed and promoted 8 flue -cured tobacco varieties, developed dark tobacco varieties, registered and released 3 flue-cured tobacco varieties & 1 Katambora grass variety. Justify previously lectured at University of Zimbabwe & Women’s University Africa, contributing to human resource development.

He is a University of Zimbabwe graduate where he obtained a BSc Agriculture (Crop Science), MSc Crop Science (Plant Breeding) and a MBA. Mr Shava enjoys watching science documentaries and reading science magazines