Zimbabwe Plant Breeders Association (ZPBA) is a membership-based, not-for-profit, non-political, professional association of Zimbabweans based locally or abroad active or interested in plant breeding and/or plant breeding-related fields (e.g. seed agronomist, seed inspectors, seed technologists, geneticists, germplasm conservation specialists, biotechnologists, molecular biologists, etc) launched on the 26th of January, 2016 at Holiday Inn, Harare.

ZPBA hopes to contribute towards agricultural and industrial development in Zimbabwe through creating a platform for information exchange amongst plant breeders and related professionals, contributing towards policy dialogue, building capacity in both the public and private sector through relevant training.
Overally ZPBA aims to contribute to a rich pool of professionals from which institutions can recruit to work in their activities or alongside with. It also allows the breeding professionals and industry to take their rightful/ strategic position in the national development agenda for improved food and nutrition security, enhanced quality of life and a sustainable future.
Specific objectives are;
• To promote scientific plant breeding, & related research, through purposeful scientific discussion & communication.

• To hold regular meetings, symposia, scientific and popular seminars, workshops and congresses, to give effect to the above, using presentations, discussions and demonstrations.

• To influence plant breeding training and education and contribute to continuing professional development of members so that they are technically up-to-date and remain relevant for their current and future employers both local and in the global village

• To strive for high standards of professional ethics among its members.

• To engage with government, international agencies, the public and other stakeholders on behalf of the membership of the Association

• Promote interaction among the professionals with the view to advance the science and business of plant breeding